Thursday, 5 May 2011


Time for a diversion from the main project with something more interesting.  Removing the dashboard meant removing the steering wheel which involved extracting the horn-push assembly (manette in 1950's Jaguar parlance, apparently French meaning control lever - whats wrong with "horn push").   Anyway, as I extracted it from the steering wheel, it literally fell apart in my hands.  The main bakelite disc to which every other part is somehow attached had been repaired before by sticking it to a piece of wet & dry paper, and all the other bits were in a pretty dire state.  Surely beyond repair.
A quick look on SNG Barratts web site - and there it was - Reproduction Manette just short of £600.00 !  "How Much" - reach for the glue. 
My very talented engineer friend Richard Cook called in and carefully examined the remains of the bakelite disc, took it away and reappeared a couple of days later with a brand new one, but made from something much more durable - absolutely amazing. The chrome surround was available at around £45.00.  Richard carefully polished the plastic top and somehow re-silvered the growler.  After much head scratching I finally got it all back together and working perfectly. 

Interesting jigsaw

New disc on the right - made from some super modern material
Refurbished horn push and new chrome surround.
As good as new and probably better than the £600 re-pro.